About Us
Of course I am a keen mountain biker myself.  I understand the importance for women to be comfortable. I believe that in our current recession that optimum mental wellbeing can be achieved by exercising while feeling good about the way you look ! Total Betty is a clothing range created to meet this need.

signed and manufactured right here in the Bay of Plenty, when you buy Total Betty, you are taking a piece of our region home with you. I am continually changing fabric designs and colours so that there is only a limited number of the same shirts out there. Have a look at the Products page, whatever makes you feel most confident WILL improve your riding…
Total Betty was born and bred by local women and our clothing is as fresh and invigorating as Rotorua’s forest trails.
"Betty” is biking slang for "a woman who rides”.
"Total” is complete, whole, perfect.
So a "Total Betty” is a complete woman who rides