Nylon/ LYCRA®
Our tops are made of high quality nylon lycra blends, offering great stretch and recovery. Renowned worldwide, LYCRA® is a registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of textile products that are specified by leading designers and garment manufacturers to create fabrics and garments with better fit, great comfort and incredible freedom of movement. LYCRA®, itself, represents a portfolio of premium fibers. LYCRA® stretch fibers have the remarkable ability to be combined with or applied to virtually every other fiber -- including cotton, wool, silk, leather, nylon and polyester -- improving how fabric looks, feels and moves.

Meryl® Microfibre
The trademark Meryl® identifies the large speciality range of polyamide continuous filament from Nylstar.
Thanks to the fineness of each filament (less than 10), this speciality makes possible the construction of very fine close woven and knitted fabrics, characterised by soft handle, breathability and resistance to wind and rain.
Ideal for light garments, with direct contact to the skin.

= micron
Meryl® the extreme fineness of the microfibre ensures an exceptional handle

A fabric signed Meryl maintains it's original quality, is crease resistant, dries quickly, is easy to iron. Meryl provides the best performance in easy care. Meryl Microfibre full-dull is unique to the market providing fabrics and garments with excellent levels of protection against UV rays.

SUPPLEX® fabrics combine the durability and easy-care benefits of nylon with the comfort, soft touch and natural aesthetics of cotton. High-tech soft touch SUPPLEX® fabrics are the result of patented advances in textile science. They combine the benefits of natural cotton and nylon in ways that deliver a much wider range of consumer-relevant benefits than either conventional fibre type. The secret of this versatile superiority is a super-fine, multiple filament construction that makes SUPPLEX up to 36% softer than ordinary nylon yarns, and air jet texturing, which gives a fine cottony finish.

Merino/ Lycra
Merino wool is a hydroscopic fibre. This means it's capable of absorbing moisture vapour from the environment while at the same time repelling liquids. That's unique to Merino. In technical terms Merino can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp. It's regain factor (the amount of water in the fibre expressed as a percentage of it's dry weight) is 17 percent under standard conditions, compared to 1-4% for synthetic fibres. Merino naturally resists the build up of odour. As a result Merino products don't need washing as often or as vigorously as synthetics and keep looking good for longer. Because of it's natural crimp, Merino is highly resilient - in fact it can be bent 30,000 times without danger of breaking or damage. Because you have better things to do with your time than hand-washing, we only use fine merino fibres that have been blended with Lycra to enhance its already exceptional natural elasticity. So our garments won't pull out of shape.